Barnum: Born-Again Bible-Believer

January 22, 2016
In the May of 1998, Alphonso Barnum is proud to say that h became a Born-Again, Bible-Believing Christian. He experienced a rebirth in Christ that everyone ought to get to go through. Immediately, he decided that he needed to find ways to get more involved with local ministries, his church, and the community.

Very quickly, Alphonso Barnum became an usher, taking his role seriously as a way to give back to the church. He got involved in his church in other ways, as well, taking his role in the overall organization very seriously. Obviously, he felt that he needed to be able to give back to the church that had given him so much.

Barnum was made President of the Ushers after a relatively short period of time. His commitment to service led to him being honored in this way, but he considered it an Honor to God. Soon after, he was given the position Armor Bearer. This enabled Barnum to spend time helping James E. Lee, an incredibly Apostle of God whom Alphonso Barnum was pleased to be able to interact with. After this, Barnum attended Harvest Time Family Worship Center International Fellowship Bible Institution, studying and completing their program and thereafter being ordained as a minister. In 2000, Barnum started End Times Praise Ministry, an organization he uses to deliver the Word of God to those who need it.